Strania -The Stella Machine- Soundtrack Extra Disc

Strania -The Stella Machine- Soundtrack Extra Disc Album Title:
Strania -The Stella Machine- Soundtrack Extra Disc
Record Label:
Sweep Record
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
May 9, 2011
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The Strania -The Stella Machine- Soundtrack Extra Disc came as a bonus for those who ordered the game from the SuperSweep store. Featuring two bonus remixes, separate from the four featured on the soundtrack, it offers another look into the Strania and Vower side of the music in the eyes of SuperSweep. How does this small bonus turn out?


The first remix, by Kazuhiro Kobayashi, features the stage six theme from the Strania side of the soundtrack. While the original focused more on the ethereal and chilling aspects of electronica, Kobayashi definitely provides a more intense listening experience with a bit of a retro vibe going on as well, particularly in the accompaniment. The remix could still work as a Mega Man remix, but perhaps for one of the Sigma stages this time. The added tempo really makes the theme a whole new experience.

Yousuke Yasui’s remix features the stage one theme from the Vower side of the soundtrack. Done in a style similar to his Omega Five remix, it provides a nice retro yet modern blend to the original. I really like the contrast between the modern synthesizer and the retro FM synth style accompaniment. Overall, it’s a pleasant interpretation of the original, but a bit more elaboration may have helped it a bit more.


In the end, the bonus disc is a nice addition to the universe of Strania music; however, the remixes on the actual soundtrack I find to be the better interpretations of Yonao’s music. While good, if you aren’t able to get it before they run out, this bonus disc can be passed upon.

Strania -The Stella Machine- Soundtrack Extra Disc Don Kotowski

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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