Star Ocean Perfect Sound Collection

Star Ocean Perfect Sound Collection Album Title:
Star Ocean Perfect Sound Collection
Record Label:
Sony Records
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
November 1, 1996
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One of the best things about Motoi Sakuraba is that he knows how to make you smile while listening to one of his CDs. This one is no exception. This is a rearranged version of the classic Star Ocean themes. The game itself may be oblivious to many readers since the classic game had its start on the SNES in Japan only are all spectacular and stunning in their own way. This album preceded the two releases of its soundtrack in 2004 and 2008.


The opening track, “New Generation”, is a stirring reminder to better days and a future that has hope. The melody is strongly original and what brings the track up a notch is the fact that a drum is played somewhere during the 2+ minute mark. Sakuraba loves to incorporate drums in his playing, as was evident in Star Ocean -The Second Story- Arrange Album. The addition to drums isn’t obnoxious at all, but only drives the beat — Sakuraba never overdoes it when it’s not necessary.

One of the other things I enjoy about Sakuraba is that he doesn’t rush his music at all. If it needs to be 7 minutes long, it’s going to be 7 minutes long. “Poem” is a 7:45 minute long piece, and you know what? This has got to be one of the fewest 5+ minute pieces that doesn’t bore me to tears. Once again, a drum is played along with the classical melody and even a simple yet highly effective bass line. None of the elements are annoying or out of place.

“Kingdom” is also another well done arrangement, giving off that signature that royalty carry. The string ensemble is very nice and carries the melody along nicely. The drum accompanying the main melody is very simple and crescendos are added where needed to keep the piece alive. The interlude the piece has at the 4:30 mark reminds me of a scene in a medieval movie where you would see the market place in action, people chasing chickens, and whatnot. A very enjoyable track.

Unfortunately, the whole album doesn’t fare as well as I would have expected it to. “The Death Trap” isn’t done well in my opinion, for a dungeon at all. The music is so happy and preppy that you forget your listening to a dungeon theme. It also exudes the aura of the last horrible piece, “Through The Mills”. I thought that was going to automatically be a good arrangement given it is based on the battle theme. It started off nice, with a rockin’ drum beat and a moving melody, but it never goes anywhere after that. Sakauraba switches up the melody more than twice, and then does the switching up more than twice as well. I seriously think this track would have done better with an electric guitar leading the way instead of a keyboard. “As Time Goes By” has more excitement than this one does.


This is a solid CD. With two exceptions, the album is a good one with arrangements that’ll keep your classical side and your contemporary side happy.

Star Ocean Perfect Sound Collection Ersatz

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Ersatz. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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