Phantasy Star Universe Original Score -Save This World-

Phantasy Star Universe Original Score -Save This World- Album Title:
Phantasy Star Universe Original Score -Save This World-
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September 13, 2006
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Phantasy Star Universe was a first in the series to offer live orchestral tracks mixed with very good quality synth, making it the first Phantasy star that had truly “real” sounding music. It also boasts one of the largest soundtracks with around 70 tracks. However, the initial soundtrack release I went into this album with zero expectations, and came out the other end with my jaw on the floor. This is my story.


The live orchestra is a new asset to the series and this album features the main full orchestral contributions. One particular think to look at is this game uses two different orchestras, making the budget for this album seem very high. The beginning of the album introduces us to both, starting with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. Playing a beautiful and heart wrenching arrangement of “Save this World”, the main theme of Phantasy Star Universe, Warsaw immediately fights for top spot with the other contender. The beautiful violin passages flow very nicely with the epic brass that takes the forefront of the track. What a great way to begin the album!

Warsaw has shown us their idea of how to get to our hearts, so it stands to be told that The Hollywood Session Orchestra should prove itself in the same manner. It does, and probably does it better in my opinion. Giving us an arrangement of the games main city’s theme, “Parum” should be written as the definition of musical perfection. Focusing on the high strings and blaring brass, Kobayashi shows us exactly what being in the highest power in the world “should” feel like. I have goose bumps on my goose bumps, and we are only two tracks in!

Considering contributions from other composers, Fumie Kumatani offers “Otoku City -Neudaiz-“. It has a surreal oriental vibe going on, carried by the piano and flute, but doesn’t reflect her versatility as much as the full soundtrack release. Kenichi Tokoi takes a more tribal approach with his addition to the town themes in “Dagora City -Moatoob-“. Focusing more on percussion and less on the flute, he takes the two mentioned instruments on a ride though the savanna, adding string work in later on that reinforces an intense atmosphere not heard so far in the town themes.

Fumie Kumatani and Kenichi Tokoi write the vocal theme and corresponding arranges of “For Brighter Day”. I am not the biggest fan of either iteration of the vocal theme, but I will say that both have some pretty amazing jazz instrumentation. The remix version has a church choir sound to it, which is even more of a turn off. The strings sound slightly better here though, if not as listenable. The track also receives an orchestral short version at the end of the album.


This album provides a good compilation of the best themes from Phantasy Star Universe. It includes the main fan draws, such as the orchestral and vocal main themes, as well as a range of more diverse works. That said, there is a huge amount of material not featured here that is present on the three disc score. While this album will suffice for those wanting just the big cues, stick with the full score if you’re looking for a more expansive experience.

Phantasy Star Universe Original Score -Save This World- Bryan Matheny

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Bryan Matheny. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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