When I got asked out by Otaku circle’s princess Premium Remixes

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When I got asked out by Otaku circle’s princess lol Premium Remixes
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August 17, 2015
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Originally sold as part of a special package during Comiket 88, this album features five remixes from music from Soshi Hosoi’s When I got asked out by Otaku Princess lol Original Soundtrack. How does the remixed music turn out in relation to the original music?


The bonus CD opens with a remix of “Ivory Tower,” the opening theme of the game. It’s definitely one of the stronger remixes on the release. There is more of a dance focus, but also a dark tone as well. In addition, the incorporation of retro elements and jazzy components provide a nice refreshing take on the original. The second remix of the album, “Usual Feeling Remix,” offers more of the urban style heard in the original, but also provides piano and lots of manipulation of the actual piece. However, given that the original song was not the most diverse, the length of this remix is a weakness. While it varies over time, introducing new approaches to the source material, the song does overstay its welcome towards the end. Thirdly, “Make Sure the Feeling Each Other Remix,” also suffers from an overall repetition, although not to the extent of the previous tune as there are certainly more melodic sections and the overall sound also provides a bit of an urban soundscape. The fourth remix, “Awkward Atmosphere,” features more of a modern EDM sound, blending house beats with bass modulation. Like the original, the melody isn’t as strong in this remix, but the various tones, such as the more ominous sections, really help elevate the original. Lastly, the other vocal theme, “Mind Blank,” is remixed to great success. The remix is more dance oriented, however, the style of vocals are unchanged, which still work wonders in the song. The best part of the song is still the violin work with its poignant soundscape, contrasting nicely with the electronic nature of the piece.


In the end, while a short album, the overall sound is pretty enjoyable on the whole. The two vocal remixes are, by far, the strongest offerings on the album, but the other three remixes, while each having their own flaws, still manage to provide an entertaining and different listen compared to the originals. Since this is now available on iTunes, you can always preview the tracks that you like and purchase piecemeal, if you prefer.

When I got asked out by Otaku circle’s princess Premium Remixes Don Kotowski

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Posted on October 27, 2015 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on October 27, 2015.

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