NanoSweep 20

 ns20 Album Title:
Nanosweep 20
Record Label:
Nanosounds, Supersweep
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
August 17, 2015
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NanoSweep is an ongoing series of original music that was initiated in 2004 by various members of NanoSounds and SuperSweep. It usually features members from each of these companies and occasionally a guest composer. This is the twentieth original album and features compositions by Hiroshi Okubo, Ryo Watanabe, Ayako Saso, Shinji Hosoe, and Takahiro Eguchi, who once again collaborates with hardcore artist XIO. How does this album fare as a whole?


The album opens with Hiroshi Okubo’s “echo” and this theme sets the tone for the rest of the release, barring the final track. It’s a very chill electronic piece with lots of background sound effects, ambiance, and soft piano. Overall, it’s quite a beautiful tune. “Nove,” by Ryo Watanabe, is also a chill electronic piece, although the mood is much more industrial and slightly on the darker side of things by comparison. It’s a refreshing break from the usual Watanabe sound found in most Nanosweep entries. Despite the industrial tone, there is a beauty within this piece as well.

 Ayako Saso’s “Nap of the goldfish” is an exquisitely beautiful piece full of ambient, ethereal synthesizer combined with jazzy piano to create a very relaxing lounge piece that ranks as one of my favorites on this entry. Shinji Hosoe’s “out-of-body” also opts for a chill, slightly industrial approach. There is plenty of ambient synth, albeit to a bit more upbeat bass line. In many ways, this tune is reminiscent of his work in Xenosaga II, which is still sorely lacking an official soundtrack release. Lastly, Takahiro Eguchi teams up with XIO once more for “Unicorn’s horn,” a hardcore techno piece that feels out of place on a relatively chill album. That said, there are soft moments featured in this track, focusing on ethereal synth, giving an almost angelic touch. However, the majority of the piece focuses on fast tempos and heavy beats.


In the end, Nanosweep 20 is fairly successful. The chill theme is something that most contributors were able to successfully execute and it makes for quite a relaxing listen. While it doesn’t feature nearly as many catchy melodies as previous entries, the end result is still solid and with high production values. Fans of the series might want to check this one out, especially if they are looking for something a little different.

NanoSweep 20 Don Kotowski

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Posted on October 8, 2015 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on January 17, 2016.

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