Mighty Gunvolt Original Soundtrack

 mgv Album Title:
Mighty Gunvolt Original Soundtrack
Record Label:
Inti Records
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Release Date:
March 10, 2015
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Mighty Gunvolt, released to accompany Azure Striker: Gunvolt, is a retro platformer done in the style of a classic Megaman game. Featuring characters from the aforementioned game, as well as Beck from the forthcoming Mighty No. 9 and Ekoro from Gal☆Gun, it mixes the gameplay elements from each. In addition, the music, of which most are from Azure Striker: Gunvolt, is done in a retro style, composed by III, and arranged by hally. How does the soundtrack sound when done in an 8bit style?


The album opens with “Beginning of a Long Night,” taking the original tune and keeping its tone. There is a foreboding sound to this piece and it gives off a lot of atmosphere. Other tunes that help give off a nice sense of atmosphere include “Garden of Poisonous Insects,” with its mysterious melody, but somewhat upbeat tempo, and “The Visiting Nightmare,” which is quite ominous in tone.

Another excellent tune is “Expected Abyss.” It’s quite dark and ominous but also features an outstanding melody that really is accentuated when transformed into a chiptune theme. There are also a few themes, such as “The Seven Treasure Weapons,” which give off a nice feeling of tension, also quite reminiscent of classic Megaman soundtracks. This theme, along with  “Floating Bridge in the Sky,” with its sinister melody, and “Raging Inferno” all help add a bit of darker, but melodically focused, elements to the soundtrack.

One of the best tunes on the soundtrack, “Dokidoki Daily Life,” done in the style of Gal☆Gun, exudes classic NES sounds. It’s extremely bright and bubbly with an equally catchy melody. There are also some other excellent upbeat tunes on the soundtrack, such as “Blue Wings Dancing in the Night,” which blends an adventurous tone but also includes a bit of mystery as well. “Tenshou Prestige” also features a nice melody with an adventurous tone that really fits in well with the classic platform soundtracks of the NES era. “Collision of Thunderstorms” is adventurous as well and references “Blue Wings Dancing in the Night,” although adds a bit more mystery to the blend. Another highlight of the album is “Running through the Lightning,” with its fantastic energetic melody, extremely reminiscent of Megaman soundtracks by III.


On the whole, the Mighty Gunvolt Original Soundtrack really manages to capture the spirit of classic NES action platformers like Megaman. The music, in many cases, sounds better in chiptune form compared to the original soundtrack counterparts. While not everything theme is the most intriguing melodically speaking, those looking for a nice homage to the classic gaming soundtracks of yore will most likely enjoy hally’s interpretations of the Azure Striker: Gunvolt music.

Mighty Gunvolt Original Soundtrack Don Kotowski

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Posted on July 23, 2015 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on July 24, 2015.

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