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July 16, 2018
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luana, released under TENSHI RECORDSis an album composed by Supersweep (no individual credits given) aimed at providing more relaxing, healing style music and isn’t necessarily catered to the video game music. Themed around the concept of “luana,” which means content or happy in Hawaiian, it provides an interesting soundscape that does differ quite a bit from the typical Supersweep sound. How does this experiment turn out?


The album opens with “kakahiaka,” or morning, and certainly gives the impression of the album to come. It’s ambient with a slow tempo, and an overwhelming sense of calm with bird chirps, a beautiful piano melody, and electronic droning that builds into layers as it progresses. It’s peaceful and relaxing and is successful at what it sets out to do. “lipo,” or cave, is more mysterious and has a sense of distant cold to it due to the electronic components, much like a cave, yet there is a warmth to the piece thanks to the chimes, beautiful piano, and running water sound effects. “anuenue,” or rainbow, feature ethereal synths, distant piano, with a calming atmosphere and a beautiful melody, when present. “pumehana,” or warmth, features ambient synths aside a warm synth melody and wind sound effects, also providing a peaceful feel. “akala,” or sun, has a crescendoed opening that gives off a very spacey vibe. The end result is soothing, but it is one of the noticably weaker tunes compared to the others on the album.

Of all the tunes, “lono,” or memory, feels the most video-game like. It’s spacey, futuristic, with some exotic percussion and bass work. The atmosphere and soundscape are beautiful and the ethereal vocals, chimes, and piano add some more textural components. It’s probably my favorite on the album. “hoku welowelo,” or comet, features low, ambient synths with soft sounds and ambient droning. “wai wai,” or spring water, is another tune with ambient, ethereal synths and water sound efefcts. The soft piano and chimes also provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. “mahina,” or moonlight, features a peaceful melody on piano with ethereal and ambient synths. The end result is quite beautiful. lastly, “alohilani,” or bright sky, is another peaceful tune with piano and synths. The melody is more meandering, which helps to complement the beautiful soundscapes.


In the end, luana is certainly not going to be for everyone, especially those who prefer more active music. However, the soundscapes provided generally succeed in creating a peaceful,relaxing, and often meditative environment. It’ll be interesting to see how future installments turn out, but I am certainly intrigued to see how their next release, Nebula, turns out.

luana Don Kotowski

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Posted on October 12, 2018 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on October 12, 2018.


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Currently residing in Philadelphia. I spend my days working in vaccine characterization and dedicate some of my spare time in the evening to the vast world of video game music, both reviewing soundtracks as well as maintaining relationships with composers overseas in Europe and in Japan.

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