Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks

Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks ~ The Original Soundtrack of Dreamcast Album Title:
Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks
Record Label:
First Smile Entertainment
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
January 17, 2001
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We all like fighting games, right? No, we don’t… How do you generally feel about fighting game music? It’s usually bad, right? OK, for those of you who like hard rock music, were you aware of a series of fighters with a great metal soundtrack? If no, welcome to Guilty Gear 101. Guilty Gear is a series made by a company cally Sammy. The composer, Daisuke Ishiwatari, also serves as the game’s character designer, director, etc. His name is a good reason for the series’ success so far. Now let’s take a look at Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks, arguably the musical pinnacle of the series.


Most of the album is very fast-paced and heavy on electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, and all that you’d expect from a hard rock album. However, Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks takes instrumental rock to a new level of brilliance. Most soundtracks during 2001 were created with synthesizers, while Ishiwatari decides to put more effort in his creations and asks three people to perform the score using live instruments. This result is amazing.

Ishiwatari also goes further than the usual rock band and implements musical instruments not usually associated with hard rock. Would you believe an organ, a saxophone, and even a bit of jazz piano feature here? Yup! The organ is first heard in “Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)”; after a few notes, the electric guitars start ripping through the track, and the organ keeps on backing the guitars in the background throughout most of the track. It gives a heavy religious feel, with is ironic as some people consider rock music to be satanic!

“The Original” starts off with some percussion instruments, then the electric guitars make their entrance backed up by saxophones, giving it a obvious jazzy feel. The result is very unique and cool. After a while, the jazz piano has a cameo before the guitars and saxophones come back for another round. For pure hard rock goodness, “Still in the Dark” is a sure winner — you get nothing but guitars all the way till the end. This track even puts some songs from Iron Maiden and Metallica to shame. It’s that good!!!


Want this CD? Why the heck wouldn’t you want it? Unless you totally hate hard rock, you MUST have this CD. If you like Guilty Gear games, you MUST have this CD. If you like rock music at all, you MUST have this CD. Period. It’s readily available at all import shops for around $30 which is a fair price for such a flawless CD.

Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks Luc Nadeau

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Luc Nadeau. Last modified on January 19, 2016.

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