F-ZERO X Guitar Arrange Edition

F-ZERO X Guitar Arrange Edition Album Title:
F-ZERO X Guitar Arrange Edition
Record Label:
Media Factory
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
January 27, 1999
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Easily one of the most rockin’ soundtracks you’ll ever hear from the guys over on the East side. Not only is this an excellent soundtrack, but one I doubt you’ll ever find it outside of MP3 format. This CD is very rare, given that it is a Nintendo soundtrack. The company had a habit at one point of releasing very limited amounts of their CDs, including this very rare gem.


The band featured here is one of the best instrumental bands I’ve ever heard, next to Konami’s own Kukeiha Club. The band consists of a keyboarding mostly synthing an organic sound, lead and rhythm guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer. While I’m no drummer (though I ascribe to one day be), I can honestly say that this is the best drumming work I’ve heard since Incubus. If he can squeeze a roll in there, you can bet that it’ll show up.

“Decide in the Eyes” is the best example of this drummer at work. The semi-solo the drummer has at the beginning of the arrangement is nothing short of amazing, with him rapidly hitting the bass drum with a double peddle, as he makes his rounds across the toms and back to the snare. He doesn’t miss a beat the whole time. It’s a shame more drummers don’t strive to be as technical, while at the same time entertaining as this gentleman.

Of course, the guitar work isn’t anything short either. “Crazy Call at Cry” is a great example of this. The music rips open with the guitar slides up and down the fret board and right into the music very easily. The rhythm guitarist work on this song is stupendous, as he power chords the whole lot of it, until the bridge comes around and he easily sides into the main riff. The lead guitarist also does a fabulous job at displaying lead guitarist skills as he continues to rip it up all the way home. The solo he has near the end reminds me of what it must have been like to go to the old 70’s concerts and hear solo’s (good ones, mind you). A time when they were still all the rage.

“Staff Roll” is a great arrangement that showcases the great bass work that is hidden pretty much in all the other pieces, what with the loud wails of the guitars. The poppin’ qualities that a lot of bassists seem to forget makes a return here and it’s a welcome addition. They also enlist a sax player and a guy playing the conga. It’s one of the more slower arrangements, though not by much. It also shows the great range this band possesses.

“Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance!” is the piece that showcases the talent of the keyboardist. Before hearing these guys, I never thought that a keyboardist could make rock music even better. All the other times I’ve heard it in the past (Aerosmith, Train), I wasn’t impressed at all, but these guys proved me wrong once again.


I wish I could tell you something horrible — some minor flaw in one arrangement or another, but then I would be lying. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this album and, after listening to this over the course of the years, I still haven’t grown tired of it. A must-own album (if you[‘re fortunate enough to find it) or at least a worthy addition to your MP3 collection. You should own this fine set whether or not you like Rock music or the F-Zero themes.

F-ZERO X Guitar Arrange Edition Ersatz

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Ersatz. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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