Extreme Bike Trip Original Soundtrack

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Extreme Bike Trip Original Soundtrack
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February 10, 2014
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The third title in Roofdog Games’ Extreme Trip series, Extreme Bike Trip was released this year, complete with a soundtrack from Big Giant Circles (aka Jimmy Hinson). Released on Bandcamp, the soundtrack proves once more that Big Giant Circles is the master of short indie game scores that are focused blasts of fun.


The soundtrack for Extreme Bike Trip is built from the same components as Extreme Roadtrip 2: exuberant chiptune melodies are underpinned by vigorous dance beats, with the occasional hard rock guitar riff thrown. It’s the perfect sound for a retro racing game.

“Extreme Bike Trip Theme (In The Zone reprise)” gets the adrenaline pumping straight away, as its upbeat energy prepares gamers for the racing action ahead. “Kinetic Jumps” brings together chiptune leads and pounding techno beats – the perfectly executed combination of two 1990s influences that seem made for each other here.

Finally, “Pop A Wheelie” races towards the finishing line with more contemporary electronic rhythms, before it closes the album with an unstoppable finale that keeps piling up gung ho retro melodies and rhythms like there’s no tomorrow – a breathless, exhilarating finale.


The Extreme Bike Trip soundtrack is his best work for the franchise yet, eclipsing his already solid Extreme Roadtrip 2. Running at 14 minutes, it is certainly a short soundtrack, but it’s well worth the 3 USD pricetag.

Extreme Bike Trip Original Soundtrack Simon Elchlepp

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Posted on September 19, 2014 by Simon Elchlepp. Last modified on September 19, 2014.

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