Clannad Image Vocal Album -Sorarad Append-

Clannad Image Vocal Album -Sorarad Append- Album Title:
Clannad Image Vocal Album -Sorarad Append-
Record Label:
Key Sounds Label
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
December 29, 2004
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Following the commercial and critical success of Clannad Image Vocal Album -Sorarad-, Key produced a follow-up album featuring four more vocal arrangements of instrumental originals. While there isn’t much on offer this time, the individual arrangements all impress.


The opener reflects the impressive scope of some of the arrangements here. The first two minutes of the piece feature an emotional cinematic progression from a synthetic orchestra. From such grandeur, arranger MANYO takes a more intimate direction as riya’s fragile vocals and warm piano accompaniment. The core melody is repeated in a meditative manner several times up to the conclusion, where the arrangement thickens with the introduction of thick bass lines and exuberant electric guitars. While the implementation disappoints in places, the arrangement and performance together ensures this one is filled with emotions and takes listeners once again on quite a journey.

“Girl of the Wind” is one of the most accessible adaptations here. The melody from “Hurry, Starfish” is recognisable throughout and is treated in a range of interesting ways.While some sections feature gentle piano-based contemplations, other sections are infectious folk dances. Such variety means the song can sound a little muddled at first, but repeated listens are more satisfying. Often taking the focus away from the vocals, “Streaming Sunlight” also features plenty of jubilant fiddle solos and other folk instruments. While enjoyable, it does feel a little misplaced at the end of the mini-album.

The other addition here, “Cherry Blossom Petals”, is the perfect vocal arrangement of “Distant Years”. The focus is placed on riya’s interpretation of the melody, both sad yet hopeful. Comprising little more than piano underlay and soft synthpads, the instrumentals nevertheless enhance the ethereal soundscape and inspire listeners during the prolonged interludes. Although the most conventional addition here, it is also the most heartfelt. Highly recommended.


While the individual arrangements on this release are good, the album is a little brief and could come together as a better whole. Nevertheless, those wishing to supplement the original Sorarad can’t go wrong with this one.

Clannad Image Vocal Album -Sorarad Append- Chris Greening

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Chris Greening. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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