Border Down Soundtracks Vol. 2

borderdownvol2 Album Title:
Border Down Soundtracks Vol. 2
Record Label:
Sweep Record
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
May 13, 2004
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The Border Down Soundtracks contained the soundtrack for the arcade version of G.rev’s Border Down. Volume 2 contains the Dreamcast exclusive tracks, some of which are slightly remixed tracks from the soundtrack. While this CD only has 14 tracks and lasts about 50 minutes, it’s yet more high quality music from “Yack”.


Focusing on the most notable tracks, “Sheffield Shaffle” is classy jazz, just like most would love. Drumwork, trumpets and a piano are what gets this track moving. It’s just a happy-go-lucky theme, which betrays its use as it sounds way too lighthearted for an area theme. There’s very little I can say about this track, but it’s really good relaxing material. Fans of jazz will likely eat this up like flies on sugar.

“Prot #8 – Digital Trip” is one heck of a surprise, starting off with an ominous melody backed by electronic samplings. Then a delicate piano makes its entrance followed by synth and more piano. This is supposed to be a boss theme? It’s a bit too light as far as I’m concerned, but the novelty of this piece makes it stand out from the rest like a sore thumb.

“Starlet” is the absolute gem of this disc, starting off with a gentle flute, drums and maracas; Yack soon injects his own trademark “feel good” synth work, which is soon drowned by an eerie but beautiful melody. Electronic samplings break out of the eerie melody, more drums and synth brings the piece to a new level, which now features a female chant of sorts, after which it all ends with a sweet duet of bells and synths and strings. It’s definitely a track that makes the album worth buying.

“R.A.i.N.” is very special as it features a wonderful acoustic guitar and piano duet; it’s one of these really sweet, but short tracks. The guitar just gets the listener in a relaxing mood right away.


Border Down Soundtracks Vol. 2 is ultimately a supplementary soundtrack. However, the quality of the individual tracks — particularly the ones mentioned — make it a worthwhile one. Fans of Yack should definitely consider buying this disc, and any jazz lover is bound to find a track to love here.

Border Down Soundtracks Vol. 2 Luc Nadeau

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Luc Nadeau. Last modified on January 23, 2016.

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