Battle Garegga Complete Soundtrack Extra Disc

 battle garegga extra disc Album Title:
Battle Garegga Complete Soundtrack Extra Disc: Remix of Underground Version
Record Label:
Sweep Record
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
December 2, 2016
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The Battle Garegga Complete Soundtrack Extra Disc: Remix of Underground Version is a Sweep Record exclusive that comes with the Battle Garegga Complete Soundtrack when ordered via Supersweep. Featuring a variety of remixes with an underground electronic theme, how does the end result turn out?


The disc opens up with a remix of “Underwater Rampart” by ykz909, which certainly fits the theme of an underground techno sound. Heavy beats, jazzy piano, bright synths lead the way for a very enjoyable remix that certainly manages to entertain with its wonderful progression. I wish the same could be said for WaT’s “Stab and Stomp (loopdrive footwork reshape).” It is an extremely minimal approach to the original featuring heavy beats that seemingly go on ad nauseum with minimal usage of the actual tune. It is, in a word, terrible. Even more egregious is WaT’s “Fly to the Leaden Sky (loopdrive reshape).” It is 16 minutes of pure trash that utterly destroys the original with its moody approach, it’s fleeting resemblance of the original, and minimal beats that overstay their welcome within seconds.

Fortunately, satella’s “Degeneracy” remix captures the great elements of the original and augments them with its funky melody lines, bright and ethereal synths, and beautiful piano that really lifts up the melody to new heights. “Tunnel Vision,” by Takayuki Kamiya, also features a more 90s underground techno sound that keeps the mood of the original, but does tend to drone on over time. Perhaps the most bold arrangement on the album is Funeral Audio’s rendition of “Erupter.” Featuring very space-like vocal samples, it’s a tune that takes the original and turns it on its head by slowing down the tempo and featuring distorted synths to give it a very industrial sound. It is certainly my favorite tune on the entire album.

“I, the system Battle Garegga,” by G☆E , takes a more modern EDM approach compared to other tunes on the album. Its problem lies in the fact that the original tunes are only featured in snippets, practically unaltered, amidst a sea of beats making the end result a bit repetitive and weak compared to other tunes. Atomic’s “Subversive Awareness” is a more subdued tune. It gives off the feeling of a chill lounge piece but with a bit more energy. Ethereal synths help incorporate the melody and lend itself to a somewhat hypnotic nature, keeping it in tune with the original. Lastly, Supersweep’s Atsushi Ohara’s “Megalomaniac” utilizes the melody rather well, but the rhythm is rather predictable. The bright and dark tones heard throughout are a nice contrast to one another, but the end result is just decent.


The bonus disc that comes with the full soundtrack is certainly a flawed one. There are some truly great arrangements but on the flip side, there are some truly atrocious ones. The rest are serviceable and worth a listen, but nothing that really stands out. If you are in the mood for it, purchase the soundtrack from Supersweep, but it doesn’t come highly recommended.


Battle Garegga Complete Soundtrack Extra Disc Don Kotowski

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Posted on January 30, 2017 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on January 30, 2017.

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