Battlefield -Bad Company 2- Original Videogame Score

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Battlefield -Bad Company 2- Original Videogame Score
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Electronic Arts
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February 2, 2010
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Originally hailed as the multiplayer games that changed everything, the Battlefield series finally ventured into single player territory with Battlefield: Bad Company and its sequel built on these elements to great sales and acclaim. Mikael Karlsson returned to create the score for the title and produced much more elaborate setpieces that the original. Much like Michael Giacchino did for Medal of Honor before him, he shifted away from the modern blockbuster sound in favour of majestic classical sound, and enjoyed the liberty of recording with full orchestra. But due to the low-key role of music in the Battlefield franchise, he was only asked to compose a few tracks for the game. The final soundtrack release, available physically with the Russian game and digitally through iTunes, is therefore on the short side.


The main theme for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, “The Storm”, distinguishes itself from other military scores right away. Like the famous theme for Battlefield 1942, this track is a military orchestration filled with adrenaline-pumping rhythms and memorable melodies. However, the intricate harmonisation between the trumpet lead and string bass gives the track a nostalgic feel and classical grace — much like Michael Giacchino’s best from Medal of Honor: Frontline — while the expansive development ensures the track is a fully-fledged cinematic overture. A further impressive feature is the production values; the orchestral recording brings so much life to the music and the opening trumpet solo is especially evocative.

There are three other full-length highlights on the score. “The Ancient Weapon” shifts away from the epic tutti in favour of an extended, beautifully performed violin solo. With tremolo strings and prepared piano, the accompaniment here is minimal but adds to the ominous sound. “The Secret Revealed” also seems more inspired by romantic symphonies than bombastic overtures. Each instrument speaks their own narrative here and together they build towards an understated but beautiful climax. So many feelings are conveyed in this track: pain, suspense, darkness, and beauty. “Snowy Mountain” is probably most representative of the tone of the game as a whole, an impressionistic march of sorts with enormous shifts in texture and mood. While some sections here are spine-chilling, others have a slightly more playful and comedic sound appropriate for the game.

There are several other effective tracks that are effective in the game: “Cold Mountain” is suitable for fast-paced action, “Operation Aurora” features an enigmatic hybridised soundscape, and “Snowblind” is a highly percussive stealth track. However, the three tracks are only about a minute long and rather repetitive in their approach, so won’t stand out on their own. The last section of the soundtrack features brief arrangements of the four full-length tracks heard before. “The Storm (Edit)” is especially emotional with its slow bittersweet orhcestration — sounding like something you might hear at the end of a war movie. While it is enjoyable to revisit the cues, it is a pity that the soundtrack couldn’t have been supplemented with a few more full-length tracks.


With Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Mikael Karlsson offers four of the most impressive military orchestrations ever featured in a video game. With beautiful melodies, intricate orchestrations, and excellent performances, each is immersive and polished. But due to in-game limitations, the soundtrack doesn’t feature much beyond these tracks and only lasts for a mere 22 minutes. I’m not sure if it is worth paying six dollars for the full score, but the individual highlights are still definitely must-listens.

Battlefield -Bad Company 2- Original Videogame Score Harris Iqbal

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Harris Iqbal. Last modified on January 22, 2016.

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