Ace Attorney -Judicial Reversal- Yomigaeru Remix

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Ace Attorney -Judicial Reversal- Yomigaeru Remix
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September 15, 2005
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Ace Attorney -Judicial Reversal-Yomigaeru Remix was released as a promotional item alongside the limited edition release of the Ace Attorney DS port in Japan. It contains 10 tracks, the first six composed by the game’s original composer Masakazu Sugimori, the remainder composed by Akemi Kimura exclusively for the brand new port. The release’s title is a bit of a misnomer, as none of the tracks here are “remixed” per se; there may be some subtle arrangements in sound, but nothing strays too different from the Yomigaeru Gyakuten soundtrack release. One exception to this is track 9, which was never used in game, hence is a brand new track.


I’m going to keep this review brief, just by commenting on the successfulness of track choice. “Keisuke Itonokogiri ~ Detective Itonoko” was a great choice with its gentle, introverted melody. “Pressing Pursuit ~ Cornered / Variation” and “Ryuichi Naruhodo ~ Objection! 2001” prove to be incredible additions, being some of the best action-packed music to ever grace the series. Also, I’m very pleased “Oo-edo Soldier Tonosaman” made the cut (as if it wouldn’t?) with its insanely catchy melody and in-your-face Asian tempo. Tracks 4 and 5 are a couple of stinkers though; “Testimony ~ Moderato 2001” is the worst testimony theme in the series, needless to say one of the down-points of the soundtrack, too. “Recollection ~ Classroom Trial” is similarly mundane, with its irksome melody and irritating reverb.

Now, on to the Akemi Kimura compositions (these five compositions for the port are actually much stronger than Kimura’s efforts on the Ace Attorney -Justice for All- soundtrack). “Akane Houzuki ~ Gyakuten Sisters Theme 2005” is a decent character theme with its bubbly, futuristic capriciousness, though I can’t help but feel that the original Gyakuten Sisters theme is the one that really belongs here. “Kyosuke Zaimon ~ Detective From the Wild West” is one of the series’ best character themes, replete with catchy wild-west melodies and fluid, desolate-sounding progression. “Taiho-kun ~ I Want to Protect” is a cute addition, if a bit unnecessary, with its whimsical and very simple melodic attributes and minimal depth.

The only new track on this release is track 9, “Kaiji Ganto ~ Sketch (Unused Tune)”, apparently the alternate theme for the villainous Damon Gant that was never used in game. I must say the one they stuck with, “Kaiji Ganto ~ Does Everyone Want to Swim”, is the much better tune, with a stronger melody and a tone more suitable for the character. This one just pales in comparison on all accounts, as it uses an unfulfilled little keyboard melody to try and reflect some greater emotions, falling short before it reaches the 30-second mark. The overall result just feels so insignificant and mediocre. It’s nice to see a fresh composition, but I would have liked to have actually enjoyed it (I can see why they tossed this track in the trash!).


There is absolutely no reason to own this release, in my opinion. Sure, Japanese fans may have found it novel and entertaining at the time of its release, but when you’ve got the actual soundtrack out there with about 20 more tracks than this release, I just don’t see the point in wanting to track it down. Not even the brand new composition “Kaiji Ganto ~ Sketch (Unused Tune)” can save this release, as it’s rather unspectacular. The track choice for the most part is excellent; though having said that, I thought tracks 4 and 5 were abominable decisions. So if I may be curt in my summary: it’s not worth it.

Ace Attorney -Judicial Reversal- Yomigaeru Remix Murray Dixon

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Murray Dixon. Last modified on January 18, 2016.

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